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beauty treatmentsAs the cooler months approach, there’s a whole new set of beauty treatments we have to consider. Stay beautiful all winter long and say goodbye to rough feet and dry skin!

Keep your body in excellent condition this winter with these dos and don’ts:

Don’t take long, hot showers

When it’s cold outside, nothing sounds better than a hot shower. However, your steamy morning shower can deprive your skin’s lipid layer of its ability to hold in moisture. To prevent this from happening, turn down the heat or take a shorter shower. Your skin needs all the moisture it can get during colder winter months.

Do incorporate SPF into your skincare

Even though it’s cold and cloudy outside, the sun’s harmful rays are still there. Protect your skin against the sun by using a moisturizer that also has sun protection (UVA or UVB) and an SPF of 15 or 30.

Don’t neglect your feet

Rough sandpaper feet are the worst! Keep your feet soft and smooth by getting a pedicure every 6 to 8 weeks. You can also try to whip your feet into shape by using a foot file on the foot’s rough areas at the end of your shower. Remember to moisturize the bottom of your feet to ensure they’ll stay smooth until summer rolls around.

Don’t forget about waterproof makeup

Everyone thinks of waterproof makeup as a summertime thing but in the winter, we should still be using it. When it gets cold out, our regular makeup starts to run. Stick with a waterproof mascara to prevent running raccoon-like eyes. And don’t forget a compact when you’re on the go. Sometimes our foundation can rub off on winter coats and scarves.

Do a more natural look

Using a bronzer during the winter looks so unnatural and out of place. Don’t pile on the darker shades. Use a foundation that’s no more than one shade above your skin tone. Use a blush that has a rosy color and apply it to the cheekbones. It’s better to stick with natural tones especially in the winter.

Don’t forget your hands

Avoid cracked, brittle hands by wearing gloves and using hand cream often. Antibacterial soaps tend to dry out our hands. Use a creamy soap every time you wash your hands and apply a hand cream afterwards. Your hands will be soft and smooth when you give them a little TLC.