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Photo Credit: Neeta Lind

Photo Credit: Neeta Lind

There is nothing better than spending the day at the spa, relaxing with friends or catching up on some quiet “you” time. Right around the holidays is a tough time to take a break, especially for a little spa day treatment; however, your skin really needs the care of a professional!

If you need to skip your regular spa day due to chaotic Christmas events and holiday parties, make sure you still come in for a facial! There are many reasons why an at-home facial just doesn’t get the same results as a spa facial and here’s why:

Typically, a spa or salon has better products that they use on your face. Active facial ingredients are much stronger and more effective in salon facials than at-home treatments. Not only are the products used at the spa more effective, so is the technique that they use! A trained professional knows exactly how to give you the best facial using integrated techniques you would never know how to use at home. The combination of heavy-duty cleansing and trained spa facial techniques are the key reason why spa facials are better than at-home remedies. And doesn’t it just feel better when someone else pampers us for a change?

Not only will a spa facial make you feel pampered, you will also receive many health benefits from regular facial treatments. Your freshly rejuvenated face will have reduced wrinkles, less sun spots, tighter skin and better skin tone, and healthier blood vessels. You’ll look and feel younger with glowing skin results of a spa facial. Get back to a younger, more radiant looking face for the new year because you simply deserve it!