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Photo Credit: The Body Guide

Photo Credit: The Body Guide

The new year is almost here and 2013 has some interesting trends happening in the spa world including ancient treatments, new massage techniques and a new clientele ranging from children to seniors.

We have seen the spa industry transform tremendously within the last decade. We moved from thinking of massage and spa treatments as an indulgence to a health necessity. Here are the top spa and wellness trends to look out for in the year of 2013:

The “Mindfulness Massage”

Massage is becoming an out of body experience. A new form of massage called the “mindfulness massage” expands on regular bodywork massage techniques by helping the client feel more relaxed with other special techniques. Guided breathing and “body scans” bring your mind to a peaceful state as you focus on each individual part of the body in a calm and soothing fashion.

This trendy 2013 mindfulness massage is the perfect combination to put your mind and body at ease quickly and more effectively.

Spa Treatments for Kids

Stress and anxiety affect our children just as much as any adult. In spas, a younger generation will be surfacing—kids will be coming in for massages and mini facials to remedy this increasing worry about our kids and their health.

Become One with Nature

Our world revolves around technology. In 2013, spas and wellness centers realize the increasing disconnect with nature. Being outside is a natural stress reducer—you will see many spa treatments being performed outside in order to create a more realistic connection with nature when possible.

Ancient Techniques on the Rise

Ancient treatments and techniques have been known for thousands of years and will be a major sensation in 2013. Ancient massage techniques like Ashiatsu will be in high demand in addition to Turkish-style baths.

The craze over ancient treatments creates a more exotic and Old World feel to many existing spa treatments. For a taste of ancient techniques, an Ashiatsu massage is an incredible treatment created thousands of years ago in Asia!

Massage with a Purpose

We are obsessed with health and wellness in 2013. There are two distinct populations that are seeking spa and wellness treatments like no one else: disabled and older populations are using massage therapy to heal their bodies and improve mobility. Massage therapy is ideal for pain relief, joint mobility, and overall improved wellness. 2013 will definitely be the year that massage therapy is viewed as a serious health care treatment.