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Photo Credit: Tourism Areas

Photo Credit: Tourism Areas

Double the massage therapists, double the massage benefits! A four-hands massage is a unique massage modality that has two massage therapists working on one body; they mirror each other’s movements to create one fluid motion. For example, if one massage therapist is working your left shoulder, the other will work on the right.

Four-hands massage has a relaxing power that trumps other massage forms because a massage completed by two sets of hands feels as if your surrounded with fluid massage sensations. You’ll feel mesmerized by this powerful, synchronized two-person massage.

We offer the special four-hands massage modality here at Rainwater Spa. The benefits you receive from a four-hands massage are superior to a regular massage. Four-hands massage can stretch and relax muscles in ways that a single massage therapist cannot do alone. The greater intensity of the simultaneous massage movements enhances blood circulation and the relaxation of tense muscles is increased.

Four-hands massage is also healing for our minds as well as our bodies. Having an extra pair of hands do some bodywork can create a different sensation in our minds. At first, our mind tries to figure out who is doing which motions but as time goes on, we start to let go and give our minds a rest, allowing our bodies to drift into a deeply relaxed state. A four-hand massage is perfect for the overworked clients that need lots of TLC.

If you would like to try a four-hands massage, Rainwater Spa has a great offer on this rare massage technique. Call today at 858-333-SPA1 to find out more information on our four-hands massage or book an appointment with our very talented massage therapists! You’ll be absolutely amazed at what an extra set of hands can do for you.