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Photo Credit: Seyed Mostafa Zamani

Photo Credit: Seyed Mostafa Zamani

Happy Heart Month to all! February is America’s National Heart Month, 28 days dedicated to spreading awareness about heart and blood vessel diseases. American Heart Month also takes time to support programs and treatments that help solve the problems associated with these vital organs.

Massage therapy has many different benefits that alleviate several problems associated with the heart, blood flow, and nervous system. When you receive a massage, muscles are able to become loose and release blood flow to the heart, which allows the heart to calm down and ease away any heart strains.

This alternative medicine approach is recognized as a way to help in the self-healing process of the body and reduce a multitude of heart-related problems and diseases.

A Swedish massage performed by one of our experienced massage therapists will feel relaxing while manipulating the muscles and tissues of the body. Many medical studies discovered that the long, therapeutic strokes called effleurage will relax the nervous system leading to lower stress levels. Heart risks associated with stress like cardiac arrhythmias can be reduced with consistent massage treatments.

There have also been many studies conducted on massage benefits and results revealed that massage therapy reduces the heart rate, increases blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure. With a healthier lifestyle and lower blood pressure, your risks of having a heart attack are significantly reduced.

Another major study conducted by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA concluded that patients receiving massage after a heart bypass surgery showed less pain and muscle spasms than patients not receiving massage therapy. These results showcase that massage can help prevent heart problems from occurring or help reduce the pain and muscles after heart surgery.

If you want to maintain a healthy heart and lifestyle, start out with a massage every week or two and take note of how much better you feel with less stress and more relaxation in your life. Celebrate American Heart Month with a present for your body—a massage session at Rainwater Spa!

Does your doctor recommend massage therapy for your health care? We are now accepting medical FSA and HSA debit cards. Come in for a massage that will soothe the body and take care of the heart.