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Photo Credit: Health Magazine

Photo Credit: Health Magazine

Do you want to look younger, have less wrinkles, and regain your self confidence? As we get older, it becomes difficult to deal with aging, especially when it shows up in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. However, you don’t have to turn to artificial treatments such as Botox to get the results of a fresher look. A youthful appearance is within your reach without boosting your face with harmful fillers. Once you try facial acupuncture, you’ll realize that a healthier complexion is possible without harming your skin with artificial chemicals.

Facial acupuncture stems from Chinese medicine. A fundamental belief of Chinese medicinal practices is that we begin healing from the inside by bringing awareness to what we eat, how we feel and how we treat our bodies. Many Chinese practices are linked with age-defying results. One of the more popular practices is acupuncture, which is known to treat conditions such as depression, asthma, allergies, back pain, and facial rejuvenation. By focusing on our internal balance, often called “qi,” we can jumpstart our cell growth, clear blockages that cause illness and aging, and allow our skin to be more flexible.

Facial acupuncture sticks tiny, extremely fine needles just under the surface of the skin. There will be slight irritation right after the needles are inserted. This irritation causes the cells to become alert from their stagnant positions. Collagen starts to produce, providing the skin with cushioning cells that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Many patients have chosen to pursue facial acupuncture to alleviate facial problems like acne, dark circles under the eye, puffy eyes, crows feet, sagging neck and chin areas, forehead lines, and rosacea.

For the best results on wrinkles and fine lines, regular facial acupuncture appointments are ideal. Twice a week will significantly reduce wrinkles and improve your internal qi. If you’ve been curious about facial acupuncture and anti-aging Chinese practice, come to Rainwater Spa where you’ll feel completely rejuvenated with China’s best-kept secrets. Prevent signs of aging with alternative medicine—Visit us today and try facial acupuncture!