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Photo Credit: Newborn Baby Zone

Photo Credit: Newborn Baby Zone

Infant massages are gaining in popularity and new evidence proves that massage therapy is a positive method of healing for babies.

According to new research, massage therapy can benefit premature infants in multiple ways. A latest study was conducted to correlate the effect that massage therapy has on the immune system of premature babies.

The study compared massage therapy with sham therapy to see if the number of natural killer (NK) cells would have a positive effect with massage. Taking place in the NICU, the study was able to provide massage therapy under regimented and consistent treatments.

Both the sham therapy and massage therapy were given 5 times a week for a maximum of 4 weeks until hospital discharge. Only stable premature infants were allowed to participate in the study.

There were many different factors that were analyzed in the study such as weight, number of infections, and immune system evaluations and cell counts. When the study was complete, the study showed significantly higher levels of natural killer cytotoxicity in the infants that received massage therapy versus those receiving sham therapy. Another huge improvement was daily weight gain within premature infants. Those infants receiving massage therapy had a higher daily weight gain than the babies that did not get massages.

Although it may seem soon to massage a baby or a newborn, the massage therapy benefits prove to hold some important natural healing power. As the trend points to infant massage therapy, the facts could not agree more with this fashionably new massage modality.