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Caption: Miss Tres Chic

Caption: Miss Tres Chic

There’s nothing quite like a session of heated relaxation in a sauna. In fact, your spa experience at Rainwater Spa can include a trip to the sauna where you’ll be able to reach an ultimate state of relaxation for just an additional $10.

Using saunas will give you peace of mind in addition to many great health benefits. Here are seven reasons why you should spend a little more time in the sauna!

1. Fights Sickness and Illness

Saunas have been proven to reduce the occurrence of sickness and influenza, according to German medical research. Being exposed to the heat and steam of a sauna produces white blood cells faster—these cells help fight off viruses and ward off colds and congestion.

2. Eliminates Toxins

Just 15 minutes in a sauna can eliminate impurities that would take our kidneys a day to get rid of! It is so important to sweat at least once a day. Deep sweating that happens when you sit in a sauna has many great benefits for our bodies. When the blood level starts to rise from the heat of the sauna, our sweat glands begin to react.

A deep sweat helps the body eliminate different toxins that we get from the environment such as lead, zinc, copper, nickel, and mercury. A sauna detox is one of the best ways to rid the body of impurities.

3. Maintains Healthy Skin

As a beauty regiment, saunas are great for perfecting your skin. When you allow your body to sweat, your skin is saturated with the rich nutrients our skin cells desperately need. Dead skin cells get replaced and bacteria is rinsed from pores. Saunas are also great for filling in wrinkles and plumping up skin where fine lines may be taking form.

Regular sauna users experienced a healthy glow and more resilient skin with frequent visits.

4. Soothes Aches and Pains in Muscles and Joints

When you’re in a heated sauna, your body will release endorphins, a chemical produced to relieve pain. Endorphins are known to boost your mood and relieve sore and aching muscles as well as lubricate joints.

The heat from the sauna also accelerates the body’s healing power through increased blood flow. Bruises and cuts will mend quicker and sore muscles will feel relaxed.

5. Burns Calories and Sheds Weight

Saunas may seem relaxing but you’re actually burning calories while you relax! The dry heat of the sauna makes our heart rate increase. In just 20 minutes, you could burn a total of 500 calories! Sauna usage boosts metabolism during and following your sauna session.

6. Reduces Stress

Stress directly affects our health; accumulated stress from our daily lives causes the vast majority of disease. The steam and heat from a sauna helps to relax our body and mind. Saunas also increase blood flow that enhances the body’s oxygen supply allowing us to reduce stress and be at peace.

7. Promotes Deeper Sleep Patterns

If you have trouble sleeping at night, using a sauna can help with that. Studies have shown that sauna use raises our temperature and releases endorphins, which help us achieve deep sleep. Using a sauna at night can enhance these deep sleep effects.

Some time in our sauna at Rainwater Spa will soothe and relax you–a definite must for just 10 more dollars! Do your body good with a heated sauna session that’s bursting with health benefits.