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Ba Guan

Come on in to Rainwater Spa and try our newest treatment on the menu; it’s a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialty known as Ba Guan. Ba Guan is a type of treatment that helps alleviate ailments such as headaches, back pain, arthritis, and indigestion.

Not only will ba guan help with all the aches and pains, it promotes better circulation of blood and energy within the body. Working along the energy channels in the body, called Qi (chi), Ba Guan allows your body to draw out impurities and stagnant toxins that are blocking our energy pathways.

The Ba Guan treatment typically follows these guidelines. First, our Rainwater Spa therapists will give you a patient diagnosis by asking questions to identify your ailments. Then, the cupping process can begin. Ba Guan is the placement of inverted cups along your energy channels. Heated air inside the cups acts as a vacuum, sucking on the skin underneath the cup. The stimulating effect of the cup’s suction allows your body to wake up and start working, a necessary jumpstart for your blood circulation!

During Ba Guan, the cups will either stay in place or the therapist may move them around to enhance through massage. The area where the cup was placed will be slightly bruised for a few days. The bruises are not harmful; they simply reflect the releasing of toxins and promotion of blood flow.

With a session of Ba Guan at Rainwater Spa, you’ll feel completely rejuvenated. For more information about our new service, please call and ask us about Ba Guan at 858-333-SPA1. Your Ba Guan experience will reminisce the traditions of Chinese Medicine as a unique and special alternative to New World remedies.

Photo Credit: Alameen Post