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soft skin

Give your skin the exfoliation and hydration it truly deserves before summer begins! A body scrub is a popular treatment that is best described as a facial for your body.

Leaving your skin smooth and soft, a body scrub is essential for dryer, summer months because the repeated exfoliation is able to remove skin impurities and residues left over from less active, winter months. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect when you come to Rainwater Spa for a relaxing body scrub!

A body scrub has the amazing ability to rejuvenate the skin; with a variety of different scrubs available at Rainwater Spa, you can choose from exfoliating sea salts, sugar granules, or micro-buff beads that are used to stimulate circulation and alleviate skin roughness and dryness. These granules are mixed with massage oils and aromatherapy to create a relaxing atmosphere and calming aroma.

At Rainwater Spa, we have special wet rooms that are ideal for body scrubs. The special water massage table is comfortable for you and convenient for us. You won’t have to leave the table to hop in the shower unless you absolutely want to—we have a special showerhead attachment so you won’t need to leave the table at all. Just simply relax and be buffed into soft, smooth skin!

Remember that a body scrub is not a massage; after your session of exfoliation, the client will shower, and body lotion will be applied. A massage can be added to your body scrub package if you would like. Massages in addition to body scrubs are great for your skin and they feel great when paired together.

It’s important to exfoliate your skin in addition to hydrating it and protecting it against the harsh sunlight. Since things are heating up in San Diego, prepare to reveal more skin this summer after a body scrub at Rainwater Spa. You will thoroughly enjoy giving your skin the royal treatment! We recommend receiving a body scrub every 3 months to maintain soft skin and prevent skin damage.

Call us today at Rainwater Spa at 858-333-SPA1 for a body scrub that’s personalized to your liking. Feel like a princess for the day with a completely decadent body scrub just for you with our skin specialists at Rainwater Spa. We look forward to seeing you at the spa!

Photo Credit: Helga Weber