Opt for a Body Scrub at Rainwater Spa and Get Touchably Soft Skin Instantly


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soft skin

Give your skin the exfoliation and hydration it truly deserves before summer begins! A body scrub is a popular treatment that is best described as a facial for your body.

Leaving your skin smooth and soft, a body scrub is essential for dryer, summer months because the repeated exfoliation is able to remove skin impurities and residues left over from less active, winter months. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect when you come to Rainwater Spa for a relaxing body scrub!

A body scrub has the amazing ability to rejuvenate the skin; with a variety of different scrubs available at Rainwater Spa, you can choose from exfoliating sea salts, sugar granules, or micro-buff beads that are used to stimulate circulation and alleviate skin roughness and dryness. These granules are mixed with massage oils and aromatherapy to create a relaxing atmosphere and calming aroma.

At Rainwater Spa, we have special wet rooms that are ideal for body scrubs. The special water massage table is comfortable for you and convenient for us. You won’t have to leave the table to hop in the shower unless you absolutely want to—we have a special showerhead attachment so you won’t need to leave the table at all. Just simply relax and be buffed into soft, smooth skin!

Remember that a body scrub is not a massage; after your session of exfoliation, the client will shower, and body lotion will be applied. A massage can be added to your body scrub package if you would like. Massages in addition to body scrubs are great for your skin and they feel great when paired together.

It’s important to exfoliate your skin in addition to hydrating it and protecting it against the harsh sunlight. Since things are heating up in San Diego, prepare to reveal more skin this summer after a body scrub at Rainwater Spa. You will thoroughly enjoy giving your skin the royal treatment! We recommend receiving a body scrub every 3 months to maintain soft skin and prevent skin damage.

Call us today at Rainwater Spa at 858-333-SPA1 for a body scrub that’s personalized to your liking. Feel like a princess for the day with a completely decadent body scrub just for you with our skin specialists at Rainwater Spa. We look forward to seeing you at the spa!

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5 Easy Tips to Improve your Health this Summer


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healthy living

It can be a challenge to stay healthy during the summer months. As soon as school is out for summer, we often take on a relaxed mood in our own personal lives.

Work on getting your health back this summer with just a few health tips that are so easy, you will be able to stick with them even during the most hectic times in summer.

Remember to Floss!

We all know that we need to floss in order to keep our teeth clean and healthy. However, flossing is able to improve your overall health by keeping oral bacteria at bay. Floss daily and you’ll notice a distinct difference in your health. Flossing is a super quick way to improve your health without interrupting a busy schedule.

Wear Sunglasses

Protect your eyes against the beaming sunshine with sunglasses. These summer essentials should be planted on your face every time you step outside. Blocking nearly 99% of ultraviolet rays, a pair of shades will help prevent cataracts, wrinkles, and age spots from forming around the eyes. Treat your eyes with care and put on some sunglasses!

Take a Vacation

Vacations are great for your health! Getting away from the office for a few days will help to reduce blood pressure and heart rate along with alleviating stress that contributes to heart disease. Keep yourself healthy and happy by planning a summer vacation—your body will definitely be thanking you!

Get Some Sleep

Even though it’s been staying light later, it’s essential to stick to your normal sleep routine. Staying up later on longer summer days will make you sleepier, making you sleep deprived and sluggish the next day. Try to go to bed at a reasonable hour and avoid alcohol three hours before bedtime.

Boost your Diet with Lots of Berries

It can be a challenge to eat healthy every day. If you’ve been struggling to maintain a healthy diet, start by giving your diet a berry boost! Incorporate a cup of mixed fruit into your diet each day to help prevent damage and age-related illnesses. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, berries are great for preventing cancers and keeping cholesterol low.

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Soak In the Top Summer Spa Treatments at Rainwater Spa


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FacialDo you have images of beaches and bikinis dancing around in your head? It’s time to bare it all and shed your winter layers for some fun in the sun. But before you head out to the beach, swing by the spa for these top summer spa treatments:

Bare All with Body Wraps

Get your body on the fast track to beach-ready, radiant skin with a body emulsion mask and wrap at Rainwater Spa! Not only does a body wrap get rid of harsh toxins in your body, body wraps are also proven to slim your waistline! With exfoliation, your skin with feel super soft—for an instantly slimming body that’s beach perfect, a body wrap is a definite must.

Save your Soles!

‘Tis the season to show off your toes in a great pair of sandals. Get summer-ready feet with a feel-good herbal foot soak here at Rainwater Spa. Our herbal foot soak is infused with lemongrass and lime to create a relaxing experience that will soften and refine your legs and feet. It’s just the right combination of refreshing herbs to soothe your skin to lead with your best foot forward.

Thirst-Quenching Facial Treatments

A light exfoliating scrub and moisturizing mask are perfect for summer-bearing skin. A combination of the two is so refreshing during dry summer months. The ultimate rejuvenation treatment is here for the summer—get facial therapy with us at Rainwater Spa and you’ll feel years younger and so refreshed and pampered for the summer months ahead.

For a summer you won’t forget, kick off the season with these incredibly helpful summer spa treatments!

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Massage Therapy Proven the Best Natural Resolution for Baby Boomers


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Baby BoomersAs a society, we are looking at an astonishing phenomenon—Today, people are living longer than every before. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in five Americans will live to be over the age of 65 by 2030.

Another projection is that the number of Americans living to be 100 or over will reach 200,000 in 2030. As a result, it’s obvious that health conscious baby boomers are showing a distinct interest in lifestyle and wellness behavior.

As a baby boomer, the main concern is not getting older. The concern lies in the quality of life; staying active and healthy is considered very valuable. An interest in health issues and feeling better is generally noticed around the age of 51. Another time when we typically think about bettering our quality of life is at the age of 65. In accordance to this new study’s findings, we can see that health is becoming more prominent when we think about getting past the “65” mark.

There are many perks to hopping on the health bandwagon early. For many U.S. citizens in their 50’s, this is the time when many major tests and procedures are conducted to analyze the current health situation that one may be in. People are encouraged to undergo many screenings and tests to ensure that conditions are normal and healthy. As our largest population turns to health, many are looking into massage therapy.

Massage therapy should be viewed as a health treatment instead of a luxurious spa day, especially when clients near their 50’s and 60’s. There are many different ailments that massage helps to alleviate such as blood pressure, pain, joint flexibility, depression, anxiety, and more. Many studies have also linked massage therapy with decreasing the symptoms of insomnia and menopause.

With regular treatments of massage therapy, it is evident that baby boomers will feel better and become more active with consistent care. With the help of a flexible savings account, healthcare savings account, or other healthcare reimbursement plans, massage therapy can be provided with tax-free dollars! Talk with your employer if you are considering this option for your massage therapy sessions. At Rainwater Spa, we gladly accept FSA and HSA cards.

If you’ve been considering massage therapy for healthcare treatment, don’t hesitate to call us at Rainwater Spa (858-333-7721). We would be happy to answer all of your questions in addition to talking about the benefits you’ll receive with regular massage treatments.

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Massage During Pregnancy is Ideal—The Benefits of Massage & Prenatal Care


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Pregnancy Massage

The use of therapeutic massage has been around for centuries as a means to improve general health, relieve sore muscles, and alleviate stress. Using therapeutic massage during a pregnancy can seem strange, but it is actually a key ingredient to supplemental prenatal care for any expecting mother.

Studies have shown that massage therapy has the ability to help during pregnancy in many different ways. Pregnancy massage helps:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Alleviate depression
  • Reduce pain associates with muscles and joints
  • Improve labor outcomes

Another way that massage therapy aids pregnancy is with Swedish massage. Swedish massage is recommended for a prenatal massage because the variety of techniques improves the blood and lymphatic circulation in addition to alleviating discomforts brought on by hormone shifts.

Studies have shown that women receiving prenatal massage as opposed to those that didn’t receive massages were able to reduce stress hormones and increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin (the hormones that help us feel happy). This sudden shift into hormone regulation led to fewer complications at birth.

Not only will prenatal massage help regulate hormones and alleviate muscle pain, prenatal massage therapy also has these benefits too!

  • Less swelling
  • Reduced back and joint pain
  • Alleviated muscle tension and headaches
  • Better sleep
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Improved oxygenation in soft tissue and muscles

The multitude of improvements clearly show that therapeutic massage should be a part of your prenatal care plan! Call us at Rainwater Spa today for more information about our prenatal massages as well as any other questions you may have about pregnancy and massage. We look forward to helping you and your baby stay happy and healthy during your special time as one.

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Tips & Tricks to Remedy Less-Than-Perfect Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


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Dark CirclesThose hard-to-disguise dark circles have been lingering for weeks. Even with adequate sleep and normal stress levels, it can be difficult to remedy those annoying dark circles that form underneath our eyes.

Even if we treat our bodies right, dark circles can form under our eyes due to genetics, age, and seasonal allergies. Slowed circulation and blood pools can be a part of genetics that will leave dark circles underneath the eyes no matter how much sleep you get or eye cream you apply.

The first step to preventing dark circles from appearing under your eyes is to wear sunscreen on your face. None of the following treatments will help without sunscreen.

If you think that the culprit of your dark circles is poor circulation, put an extra pillow behind your head to help alleviate blood from pooling up under your eyes. Once you wake up, apply a cold ice pack on your eyes to firm blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

Another great way to ditch those dark under-eye circles is to switch up your dietary intake. Foods that contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and nuts can help to improve circulation. Other sweets like flavonol-rich chocolate are also ideal for reducing under-eye darkness.

Eye creams are just about the best thing you can put on your face to help with dark circles after sunscreen of course. The type of eye cream you buy will help alleviate certain problems and enhance current strongpoints in your skin. An eye cream with Vitamin C helps with skin and cell production and acts as a skin tone brightener. Another great eye cream contains caffeine, which helps to constrict blood vessels under the skin.

Trust us, to achieve clear skin, especially underneath the eyes, is no easy task. By applying these remedies to everyday life, you will see a difference in the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. We hope you enjoyed these helpful beauty tips.

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Natural Remedies to try for Arthritis Relief during Arthritis Awareness Month


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Spa ArthritisFeeling the effects of arthritis? If you are one of the 40 million Americans that suffer from arthritis, please know that there are many natural solutions to alleviate aches, pains, and stiffness.

These natural treatments are easy to do and can be done one at a time or together for increased results. Dedicated to Arthritis Awareness Month, here are some ways to say goodbye to stubborn arthritis pain:

1.    Apply Heat

When you start to feel joint pain coming on, the best thing to do is apply heat to the area of concern. Heat allows the body to increase blood flow to the muscles that eliminates joint stiffness. Your circulation will improve by adding heat compressions or topical treatments such as IcyHot.

Staying warm or taking a hot shower will also reduce arthritis pain.

2.    Stay Active

Although it is difficult to move when you have arthritis, staying active and in motion is the best cure to eliminating stiffness of the joints. Continuous movement actually allows the body to stay active and work to reduce the overall stiffness of mild to moderate arthritis. Check with a doctor about the amount of exercise that your body should endure.

3.    Spice Up your Diet

If you like spicy foods, you are already helping to reduce arthritis pain! The spiciness found in Indian and Hispanic foods are great for stimulating circulation and alleviating pain. Turmeric, capsaicin, and cayenne pepper are all great spices to incorporate into your diet to promote circulation and eliminate pain.

4.    Add Omega-3 to your Daily Life

Introducing Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet will thoroughly improve your arthritis conditions. According to a recent study, arthritis patients that took 2 teaspoons of cod liver oil (loaded with Omega-3’s) every day were able to cut down their pain medications by one third! The benefits of Omega-3 are reduced pain and inflammation in addition to better joint mobility.

5.    Spend Time in the Sauna

One of the best ways to treat arthritis pain is with a little time in the sauna. The dry heat of a sauna is therapeutic; it also provides pain relief. When you’re in a sauna, blood vessels dilate and exude pain relief that heals muscles and soft tissue. After some time in the sauna, you will notice that stiffness and pain may temporarily subside.

6.    Enjoy a Massage

A massage is another way to improve upon joint pain and stiffness commonly associated with arthritis. Swedish massage and hot stone are ideal for treating arthritic complications. If you would like to try a massage that will alleviate your arthritis symptoms, please call us at 858-333-SPA1 to book an appointment or get information about arthritis relief.

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Rainwater Spa Now Offers Special Ba Guan Healing Techniques


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Ba Guan

Come on in to Rainwater Spa and try our newest treatment on the menu; it’s a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialty known as Ba Guan. Ba Guan is a type of treatment that helps alleviate ailments such as headaches, back pain, arthritis, and indigestion.

Not only will ba guan help with all the aches and pains, it promotes better circulation of blood and energy within the body. Working along the energy channels in the body, called Qi (chi), Ba Guan allows your body to draw out impurities and stagnant toxins that are blocking our energy pathways.

The Ba Guan treatment typically follows these guidelines. First, our Rainwater Spa therapists will give you a patient diagnosis by asking questions to identify your ailments. Then, the cupping process can begin. Ba Guan is the placement of inverted cups along your energy channels. Heated air inside the cups acts as a vacuum, sucking on the skin underneath the cup. The stimulating effect of the cup’s suction allows your body to wake up and start working, a necessary jumpstart for your blood circulation!

During Ba Guan, the cups will either stay in place or the therapist may move them around to enhance through massage. The area where the cup was placed will be slightly bruised for a few days. The bruises are not harmful; they simply reflect the releasing of toxins and promotion of blood flow.

With a session of Ba Guan at Rainwater Spa, you’ll feel completely rejuvenated. For more information about our new service, please call and ask us about Ba Guan at 858-333-SPA1. Your Ba Guan experience will reminisce the traditions of Chinese Medicine as a unique and special alternative to New World remedies.

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Celebrate the Special Women in your Life with Rainwater Spa’s Mother’s Day Specials


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Mother SpecialsShow your mother, wife, or special lady in your life just how truly special she is with a spa treatment at Rainwater Spa. Our soothing environment and relaxing ambiance is perfect for a day of pampering; and our specials will help you treat your mom to a special spa day without breaking the bank.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to say “Thank You” with more than words—these spa specials are great for those incredible women in our lives. Call us at 858-333-SPA1 for more information about our specials or to book a Mother’s Day appointment today!

90-Minute Aromatherapy Massage with Mini Hot Stones & Facial Mask

$74  ($104 Value)

Stimulate your senses both mentally and physically with a 90-minute aromatherapy massage! Choose from a variety of our premium aromatherapy scents to use during the relaxing, energizing, and rejuvenating massage session. Mini hot stones will be placed on the body at the end of the massage. A refreshing facial mask will be applied after the massage to leave you feeling completely moisturized and relaxed for the rest of the day.

3-Course Spa Special with 1-Hour Body Massage, 1-Hour Facial Therapy, & 30-Minute Foot Massage

$99 ($135 Value)

This decadent Mother’s Day package is ideal for the woman that just won’t spend a dime on herself! Pamper her for a change with this 3-course spa package that includes an hour massage, 30-minute foot massage, and an hour of facial therapy. The therapeutic body massage will relieve tension and built-up stress that tends to accumulate over time. A 30-minute foot massage pinpoints pressure points running through the body to improve balance and alleviate aches and pains.

The final portion of this spa package is one hour of facial therapy, which involves removing impurities from the skin, applying an invigorating facial mask and using facial acupressure to promote energy flow and slowing signs of aging.

For a head-to-toe treat, nothing compares to this phenomenal 3-piece package. Give mother the gift she deserves this Mother’s Day with a day trip to the spa she will never forget!

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Sweat It Out: 7 Great Health Benefits from Saunas


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Caption: Miss Tres Chic

Caption: Miss Tres Chic

There’s nothing quite like a session of heated relaxation in a sauna. In fact, your spa experience at Rainwater Spa can include a trip to the sauna where you’ll be able to reach an ultimate state of relaxation for just an additional $10.

Using saunas will give you peace of mind in addition to many great health benefits. Here are seven reasons why you should spend a little more time in the sauna!

1. Fights Sickness and Illness

Saunas have been proven to reduce the occurrence of sickness and influenza, according to German medical research. Being exposed to the heat and steam of a sauna produces white blood cells faster—these cells help fight off viruses and ward off colds and congestion.

2. Eliminates Toxins

Just 15 minutes in a sauna can eliminate impurities that would take our kidneys a day to get rid of! It is so important to sweat at least once a day. Deep sweating that happens when you sit in a sauna has many great benefits for our bodies. When the blood level starts to rise from the heat of the sauna, our sweat glands begin to react.

A deep sweat helps the body eliminate different toxins that we get from the environment such as lead, zinc, copper, nickel, and mercury. A sauna detox is one of the best ways to rid the body of impurities.

3. Maintains Healthy Skin

As a beauty regiment, saunas are great for perfecting your skin. When you allow your body to sweat, your skin is saturated with the rich nutrients our skin cells desperately need. Dead skin cells get replaced and bacteria is rinsed from pores. Saunas are also great for filling in wrinkles and plumping up skin where fine lines may be taking form.

Regular sauna users experienced a healthy glow and more resilient skin with frequent visits.

4. Soothes Aches and Pains in Muscles and Joints

When you’re in a heated sauna, your body will release endorphins, a chemical produced to relieve pain. Endorphins are known to boost your mood and relieve sore and aching muscles as well as lubricate joints.

The heat from the sauna also accelerates the body’s healing power through increased blood flow. Bruises and cuts will mend quicker and sore muscles will feel relaxed.

5. Burns Calories and Sheds Weight

Saunas may seem relaxing but you’re actually burning calories while you relax! The dry heat of the sauna makes our heart rate increase. In just 20 minutes, you could burn a total of 500 calories! Sauna usage boosts metabolism during and following your sauna session.

6. Reduces Stress

Stress directly affects our health; accumulated stress from our daily lives causes the vast majority of disease. The steam and heat from a sauna helps to relax our body and mind. Saunas also increase blood flow that enhances the body’s oxygen supply allowing us to reduce stress and be at peace.

7. Promotes Deeper Sleep Patterns

If you have trouble sleeping at night, using a sauna can help with that. Studies have shown that sauna use raises our temperature and releases endorphins, which help us achieve deep sleep. Using a sauna at night can enhance these deep sleep effects.

Some time in our sauna at Rainwater Spa will soothe and relax you–a definite must for just 10 more dollars! Do your body good with a heated sauna session that’s bursting with health benefits.